Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who Let the Dogs Out

7:30am - usual frenzy of morning activity.  "Hey Oscar - what should I draw puppy?" He's playing Zelda...he's completely ignoring me.  I ask again & request that it is something simple cause, you know.  First try:  haunted ghost ship.  Oh jeez.  I ask he cut that down.  Second try:  haunted ship.  Seriously?  I say how about we remove the word ship - I'll draw a ghost.  Somehow hearing this became haunted dog house. ?  Whatever - I can do that pretty quick.  "Skeleton dog!" was also shouted at me from over the DS. Got it - with a skeleton dog.  When did my kid become Harvey Weinstein?  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Krusty Krab

So, this morning Oscar asked if he could have the leftover crab legs from dinner for lunch.  Fancy!  "I don't think that's a good idea - they're not easy to get into" I respond.  As consolation he asks that I draw one on the bag.  Not just any crab though...a monster crab.  As you can see, I kinda fell short.  This crab looks pissed off, but hardly a monster.  Oscar gave me a hilariously crooked face.  Fail.  Meh, it's only Monday.  I'll work on my imagination skillz throughout the week.  Have a good one!  xoxo

Friday, January 27, 2012

Irate Orinthology

Unless you live under a rock, you have angry birds in your life.  And if you have children, the obsession is cult like - most def.  Oscar woke at 5 (yeah) with this on the brain.  Naturally they needed to make an appearance at snack time.  "Draw the pig too!" Oscar demanded.  Alright bro, calm down.  He also asked if I could load the Angry Birds 5 app.  From what I can see this update is pretty much identical to versions 1-4.  Yo, these developer dudes are making bank.  Happy Friday!  xoxo

Thursday, January 26, 2012


The inspiration today is pretty simple:  box of Penguins of Madagascar fruit snacks.  That's it.  What can I say? Sometimes we are short of a muse.  If licensed grocery products lend a hand then whatevah.  And who doesn't like penguins?    Happy Thursday!  xoxo

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Sting

This morning Oscar was watching cartoons during breakfast when a villainous stingray appeared.  "Hey!  Stingrays aren't bad guys." He was pretty sincere - we like all sea creatures of course but stingrays are extra special.  I mean, look at those things - they are bad, in a good way.  Oscar was cool with the rendering & followed up with an aquarium visit request.  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sonic Blast

So real quick - y'all know Oscar is into gaming.  More interesting is how down he is with vintage games like...Sonic the Hedgehog, the current daily fave.  It's all good.  If we could get our sh*t together sonic speed in the morning, that would be dope.  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo

Monday, January 23, 2012

Enter the Dragon

Happy New Year...again!  This is the new calendar I personally observe.  I think it works for me because of the several weeks lapse.  I'm never ready for the lifestyle cleanse promptly on Jan 1.  Plus, the animals are rad.  Dragons, for example - Oscar is pretty stoked.  He questioned (as usual) why there was school on such a day as this.  "It's a holiday!" he very adamantly stated while I was drawing.  Yeah, well, not in the western world I tell him.  His consolation is tonight he'll eat shumai & we'll watch a Bruce Lee movie - all good.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Friday, January 20, 2012

Doodle of the Dead

Ok, I want to please my kid as much as anyone, but I'm running out of ideas to make the "zombie" request interesting.  This guy is totes uninspired in my humble opinion...not to mention these require a bit more time & attention to detail than I ever have in the morning.  We were literally one foot out the door when I asked Oscar to tell me what he wanted...pretty sure I would know the answer.  Well, here he is - misshapen & haggard, much like our a.m. routine.  Happy Friday!  xoxo

Thursday, January 19, 2012


 Can you guess what inspired today's doodle?  If you said zombies well...Oscar's only criticism here is that I didn't draw it "horror style.". I took an educational approach - I'm always explaining how the brain is in charge of everything.  It's the boss of us I tell him.  Oscar is totally interested. Still - he wants to imagine a zombie slapping that thing between two slices of bread.  Ah, learning.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Put the Lime in the Coconut

Yep, it has been cold...like ridiculously cold.  Oscar & I deemed yesterday tropical Monday after a weekend of arctic blast.  It was slightly warmer outside, but more importantly, we had the heat cranking inside & were drinking coconut milk with a straw directly from (wait for it) a coconut.  True story.  Oscar has a fascination with the heavy, round fruit - I mean, what's not to love?  Oh wait, I know.  They are nearly impossible to open.  Fortunately I had a lot of aggression to get out & a "young" coconut to deal with so it all worked out.  This morning we discussed our little oasis as we got ready to face a new work / school week.  Ahhh...well, gotta get to it.  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Luke, I am your alarm clock

Ok, hopefully this is my last terribly executed doodle of the week - I'm off my game, I know.  Just look at his arms!  Sigh...This is the imposing force that is supposed to get Oscar out of bed in the morning. Great idea if it actually worked.  He received this Lego Darth Vader alarm clock (have I mentioned Lego has taken over the entire kid world?) for xmas & so far Oscar has successfully slept through all of it's bells.  Maybe if the alarm was more menacing it would be more effective, you know like the creepy breathing or the Star Wars overture.  Oh well - I guess I'll have to perfect my super screechy harpy get-the-eff-up voice to make up for DV's ineptitude.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So Goat

It's just a really funny word - no disrespect to the animal.  Did you know goat is the most widely eaten meat in the world?  Goat facts.  Anyway, Oscar watches the cartoon Fairly Oddparents on the daily - the show's theme song runs through my head constantly.  Could be a lot worse I suppose (refer to a previous post referencing the religious Veggie Tales experience).  Chompy the Goat is the mayor in the episode we watched this morning.  So that plus Mitt Romney's debate served as inspiration.  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Land of No Time

Ugh - not my best efforts people so apologies up front.  Neither Oscar nor I were too inspired this morning...woke up super late (late-night-weeknight killah) so a snappy reference to the dinosaur book we've been reading brings us to stegosaurus.  Meh, it'll have to do.  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo 

Monday, January 9, 2012

5 Heads are Better Than 1

We are experiencing camera difficulty, but I didn't want to skip a post so soon after the blog's reappearance.  So, you may have to do some googling after this read - I can't provide a visual...wah-wah.  Anyhow, I asked Oscar about his doodle-thoughts this morning & he requests this:  5 headed snake we saw once in a story on-line about animal oddities.  Word.  We joked that it looked like a hand, but the fingers could bite you & remit a deadly poison.  Kids - they have such a great sense of humor.  Well, hope you can cop a good visual on this one.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Friday, January 6, 2012


In our traditional non-traditional way, we celebrated Xmas with fossils, bones, aquatic taxidermy & rounded the big morning with a paleontology dig for gifts.  We took the tree down last night & Oscar's a little sad.  So this morning he breaks out one of his big new dinosaur reference books for snack bag inspiration while recounting our holiday festivities.  Note:  kids get bummed when the all signs of Christmas are packed away.  Maybe this will help.  What could be more cheerful than a saber-toothed tiger, hmmm?  Happy Friday!  xoxo

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mmmm Brains

Oscar woke up very focused on his video games. He received several new ones for Christmas & has been pretty aggressive with advancing levels in one or two. He handed me one when I asked what he wanted me to draw this morning.  Exhibit A:  Plants vs Zombies for PS3.  If you weren't aware, he's so down with zombies its the theme of his next bday party.  This game is dope I have to say.  Unfortunately, it has also led to a busted controller thanks to the impatient, competitive genes I seem to have passed along.  The days of throwing an Atari joystick across the room are way over...dual shock wireless playstation controllers are kinda sensitive - not to mention spendy.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Insane Clown Posse

This morning Oscar's request was based strictly on his fave mommy fun fact: I hate clowns yo. He loves telling people this random info. His reason for not liking clowns was the best I've heard ever: "They follow you." Yep, creepy. There has been one exception in our circus folk dealings, however, worth mentioning. At a friend's son's birthday party the clown showed up crazy late, danced hella funky & made fairly inappropriate yet oddly kid friendly jokes. If this is the standard then all Dominican clowns from Queens are alright.  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bruce LeRoy

Phew - we made it back!  It's been a while & some of you have kindly requested we get back on it so here you go.  Oscar, too, has been longing for his doodles at school & I kinda miss the daily chronicle of our lives.  So, heyyyy - what up 2012?
Oscar  began his Tae Kwon Do classes in the fall - he's already a yellow belt.  This morning when I broke the news that I am finally going to draw again he immediately requested a kick.  Huh?  "You know - a stretch kick mama," accompanied by a demo.  Pretty fresh I have to say.  I've had a martial arts obsession since Berry Gordy's Last Dragon was released in 1986 starring Taimak & Vanity (apparently casting only wanted single-named actors)So I draw this - Oscar is pleased.  Then I ask him who's the baddest mo-fo around this town?  He looks puzzled so I help with the answer.  "Sho-Nuff sweetie - the Shogun of Harlem.  He's the baddest at least until Taimak gets the glow."  Someday he'll get it.  Happy Tuesday!  xo