Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday on a Monday

There's a new pet en la casa...he looks delicious.  Yep, it's a fresh water lobster, aptly named Sunday (to the guinea pig's Saturday) since that was when he was acquired.  We went to the pet store to get a goldfish; I refused to let Oscar win anymore sorry-looking lesser fish at the local festival.  Once we got there he was hooked on this guy.  I wanted to name him Dinner, but Oscar wasn't down for that.  I am a super fan of crustaceans, and Saturday doesn't seem to mind, so it's all good.  Welcome to the family Sunday.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Friday, September 16, 2011

Blocked & Caped Crusader

Sigh, I know, Batman, Lego've seen it all here before.  But hey, I am giving new meaning to late in the morning with zero minutes to debate the six year old's request.  He simply handed me the cover of his PS3 game & told me to draw him like that.  So, yeah.  Happy Friday!  xoxo

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Oscar loooooves Batman, and more specifically, Lego Batman.  Think we've gone through this before on this blog, as there have been lego characters requested in doodles of the past.  This morning we're focused on perhaps the most famous of all superhero sidekicks...Robin.  Personally, I think Robin is pretty lame.  But Oscar digs him, so here he is in block-y video game glory.  I asked Oscar why he likes him so much.  His response?  "He's good looking.  I bet girls like him."  That's a negative my darling - it's all about the mysterious Batman dude.  Sorry - we ladies tend to like the dark side.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Armored One

I have really sucked it with posting lately - I know.  Oscar still has his bags so no worries...I've just been too time pressed for the blog.  Lameness.  Well, yesterday he asked for a prehistoric doodle.  Specifically a glyptodon (for those of you that are not paleontologists, it looks kinda like an armadillo, but way bigger and hairy).  Of course today we tripped down the evolutionary path to current day bizarro creature - an actual armadillo.  In my humble opinion, totes rad.  Armored  mammals that burrow and migrate based on the moon phases?  What?  As Oscar & I chatted during my drawing, he blurted out "I want one!" the excitement of their uniqueness so overwhelming. too dude.  Thinking the guinea pig wouldn't be willing to share his cage though.  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mrs. Peacock in the Study with a Candlestick

School day 2, electric boogaloo.  And boy, it is harrrrd to get back into a morning routine - so more late posting and super quick sketching...sigh.  Hope to get back on it soon so more detail & less lamenting to come all.  Oscar was also very undecided this morning so he went with the standard "you like birds, draw one of those" line.  He kinda strikes me as a peacock with his highlighted locks and bright green eyes - the teen years will bring some big trouble I'm thinking...better start psyching myself up for that I suppose.  Of course, once I finished it he blurted "I want you to draw Mario!"  Too bad so sad my darling...we late.  Happy Friday - have a great weekend!  xoxo

Thursday, September 8, 2011

School House Rock

It's official - summer is over. is Oscar's first day of school.  Pretty exciting one too, since it's a new school (i.e. no uniform) & it's first grade (i.e. no more kid stuff).  Apologies as I think the drawing kinda sucks, but Oscar wanted me to draw the school.  As usual, we were running way behind so doodle allotment was down to like under 3 minutes.  Good luck to my little dude today - happy Thursday!  xoxo

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sorta Like Canadian Andy Warhol

This week has been chock full o' natural disasters, cosmic energy & all around surprisesSo let's bring it back to the basics, shall we?  Oscar wanted me to draw the syrup that never made it onto his waffles this morning.  Ok!  Maybe it is a perfect allegory - mundane & familiar compared to all the crazy chemistry these days.  Or, this was the first thing Oscar saw when I asked & he couldn't be bothered to pull himself away from Spongebob this morning.  Whatevs - rollin' with it.  Happy Friday!  xoxo

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Last Unicorn

Yesterday was super cosmic, so Oscar's request of a unicorn this morning seemed right in line. I mean, who doesn't want mythical creatures to be a part of their lives?  Suckers, that's who.  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Organic Mad Men

If you have kids, you probably know all about Annie's Homegrown.  Around here we just refer to them as "bunnies."  I didn't realize bunnies dominated Oscar's lunch today until I asked him what he wanted me to draw & he pointed to the box of Cheddar Bunnies on the counter.  Hmmm...thinking Annie may be down for a collaboration.  Maybe I can do a zombie bunny for Halloween packaging?  Annie, call me.  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo

Monday, August 22, 2011

Black Hawk Down

Yeah, I don't know if this movie even has a helicopter, but it sounds like it should, right?  Anyhow...a ghetto bird was flying high this morning round the hood.  Given how innocuous & super safe my neighborhood is, guessing this is traffic-reporting related versus hard-core crime.  Either way, Oscar was running from window to window to catch a glimpse which produced this morning's request.  And I guess I hope your not driving on the BQE?  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scuba Steve

Well, beach day may be canceled since it is raining...again.  But hey - I packed the snorkel set so just rock that sh*t anyway I told Oscar this morning.  Don't worry, censorship was in play.  Oscar is all about going underwater these days.  He is on a mission to exercise every conceivable activity while beneath the surface - talking, singing, snapping his fingers, farting.  Goals are important - that's what I always say.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oswold Chesterfield Cobblepot

This morning's deliberation:  draw a yellow - a ladybug....wait, a t-rex eating a caveman.  And finally draw The Penguin - Lego Penguin.  I think I feel bad for the camp counselors today - we seem exceptionally hyper.  So, yeah, The Penguin in Lego Batman for PS3 - you've got it my little duder - play on.  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Another soaker - this summer has been oh so wet.  No complaints - that's not allowed here especially when it comes to weather - just hoping this doesn't jack the zoo trip camp has planned today.  Oscar wanted mew to draw an animal he will see.  Giraffes are pretty much a stand out in all situations (pun intended), but mostly I had a vision of Noah's Ark playing in my head when we chatted about doodling this morning.  Oh, what biblical reference?  Yeah I did.  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo

Monday, August 15, 2011


Not much depth to Oscar's ask this morning - he seemed to be searching for something since no idea was immediately there.  When he started rattling off his pieces of clothing we settled on sneakers.  Kinda rad - I have a special affection for them in their various forms & lately I've thought a lot about their design + function.  Classic All Stars = pretty iconic.  They make me think of the 80's when I wore two different colors - left & right - to be a badass.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Thursday, August 11, 2011

High Score 418056003450

This morning Oscar asked for a centipede.  I decided to blend his two obsessions into an homage to an Atari classic.  Naturally, he has no idea what this game is with its 2D base graphics & tinny theme music...he asked how it's played and when I explained you shoot the centipede with these laser dashes before it crushes you at the bottom of the screen.  He looked confused.  "That's it?"  Yeah, that's it but you can score major digits - almost as high as the debt ceiling...humble beginnings.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

ps - apologies for the pic quality - my bberry battery was dead this morning and I don't have time to photoshop :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bloggless in Brooklyn

My technical problems abound this week!  No photo to send - my cut over to Verizon from AT&T is preventing a photo share...wah wah.  I'll make tomorrow's post super good to make up for it :)  xo

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Miro My Hero

Last weekend Oscar & I worked on a ceramic piece together - we picked it up from firing yesterday.  Unintentionally the cup became very surrealist-influenced - very Joan Miro.  We talked a bit about the artist & I showed Oscar some paintings when we got home.  He was pretty stoked...I mean, Miro is kinda magnetic for kids.  I remember my pediatrician's office had a few prints on the waiting room walls & I was fascinated.  This morning when I asked Oscar what he wanted he said "something that painter did."  I was super excited until it was followed up with "or batman.  or a fart."  Oh, so cultured we are here.  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo

Monday, August 8, 2011

Click Click Click Click Click

Yep, another insect morning...hope you can handle it.  This one is a summer fave though - the musical cicada.  Every August we hear them in the trees & Oscar looks hard for them within the branches.  Not too easy to spot, but since I'm a countrified city chick, I always find the empty nymph shells for him on the trunks & hang them on my shirt.  What?  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Friday, August 5, 2011

Roach Clip

Gross, I know.  Oscar is kinda fascinated with cockroaches this summer - no idea why.  Even I don't like them, and I'm pretty tolerant of if not excited by all living things...ick.  It's less about the actual insect than the association of them with filth I think.  I mean, we dig the hissing cockroaches in the Madagascar exhibit at the Bronx Zoo.  Somehow, seeing a regular ol' NYC cockroach racing along the subway platform is way less, uh, educational?  You know what I mean.  Anyhow, doodle is.  Happy Friday - happy weekend!  xoxo

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dam It

Man, I love when Oscar asks me to draw an animal.  This morning's doodle opt - beavers.  So so many jokes here...but let's stick to rated G if possible, hm?  Seriously, beavers are dope - little furry architects with super charged energy packs.  All this & they are freaking adorable.  Oscar's motivation here is tied to the animated series, Angry BeaversThe characters in the show have none of these qualities, so I am drawing the real deal.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Garbage?

Yeah, I don't really have much here.  This is what Oscar wanted me to draw today...a trash can.  He doesn't have much justification - he said he just wants that on his bag.  Hmmm...veiled commentary on his snacks perhaps?  I suspect it has something to do with Oscar the Grouch, but when I suggest this I get an adamant "No!  That show is for babies."  To conclude:  garbage cans = good, Sesame Street = sucks.  There you have it.  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Run Lola Run

Oscar has been running with me a couple days a week - so far so good.  The highlights - lots of chat time & energy expended.  It's also super cool to answer questions about stuff you totally take for granted as a grown up.  "Why do we swing our arms when we run?" & "Is sweating good for you?"  are nightly conversation starters while we are hitting the pavement.  Of course, there are some questions that pop up based on what's going on all around us that are a bit trickier to explain to a 6 year old.  For example:  "What are those people doing in the grass?  They're not exercising are they?"  Um, yeah...avoid the area around the basketball court in the park - noted.  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo

Monday, August 1, 2011

Shark Tale

Ah, summer hi-jinx.  Oscar loves him some good shark talk...especially when we are at the the ocean.  One of his favorite things to do is yell "Shark!  Look out!"  when we go kinda far out.  Yeah, other beachgoers sure do appreciate that.  Oscar is so enamored with sharks he has already chosen one for his first tattoo about 12 years from now.  This morning's request called for some blood & a hapless scuba diver with an early expiration date.  Kids!  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Friday, July 29, 2011

Super Villain-y

Sorry to belabor our current interest, but the request today is yet another pixelated character...this time a bad guy.  It took Oscar 2.3 to ask for Bowser this morning.  His classmate actually specially requested I draw this for him before school went out for summer, and Oscar was very careful to specify he wanted a different Bowser - one a bit more menacing.  Think this has something to do with his hardcore crush on Princess Toadstool?  Whatevs - I aim to please.  Happy Friday & have an awesome weekend!  xoxo

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Level Up Diddy

Now that Oscar is 6, he's turning into a bit of a gamer.  No surprise I guess - he's pretty good at most of the ones he's played.  One problem:  when he gets stuck he asks my help which means either (a) I am too busy to get caught up in figuring out how to level up or (b) I am not too busy and will commandeer the game.  Yeah, this is why I'm kinda reluctant to get him Donkey Kong Country aka THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIME.  Of course, purely a matter of personal opinion, but I have quite an attachment to that game and all of its dopeness.  I will be riding on the back of Expresso the Ostrich all day fighting Kremlings in my mind...y'all enjoy yourselves too.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Old Timey

Oscar is not really aware of time.  Meaning - he knows what it is and can read a clock, but operates completely outside of real time.  Yeah, this is awesome when you're in a right now & every morning for that matter.  So it's funny that he loves timepieces, especially a pocket watch.  Every vintage cartoon he watches seems to involve some old codger pulling one out of his trousersNext he'll ask me for a monocle & you.  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fireflies are not Jewelry

It's summer & of course Oscar is digging the fireflies all around every night.  He insists I catch them, which I do, but then he wants to keep them, which we don't for all of the obvious reasons.  He handles them with a mixture of awe &'s kinda cool to witness actually.  I always think about the made-for-prison kids of my childhood that immediately stamped them out on the sidewalk to see the trail of fluorescence.  You know, the ones that didn't act out of curiosity or experiment, just plain ol' mean.  Sigh...  Good news - I don't have one of those. Happy Tuesday!  xoxo 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Triple Rowdy Superfly Hogan

Here's one - boys like professional wrestling.  Here's another - sometimes they grow up and still like professional wrestling.  No judgment.  I can see some of the appeal.  I mean, costumes and theme music and hot chicks and all that...pretty entertaining I guess.  Oscar has never actually seen any of this - he's operating on second hand info.  I don't really fill in any blanks mainly because my knowledge begins and ends with some 80's references that became licensed toy products.  I remember the toys were really squishy contrary to my idea of the actual dudes wrestling.  Well, stay out of the Texas Clover Leaf if you can - happy Monday!  xoxo

Friday, July 22, 2011

BEE Good

Oscar is always fascinated by my bug catching skillz...yesterday the biggest bee I have ever seen was in our house & I captured it without harm.  It was prehistoric in size - no kidding.  I would never kill an insect unless I had to, but I am especially protective of bees.  I'm not a Buddhist or anything  - I just play one on TV.  Oscar cheered me on with a mix of excitement and fear, and of course begged me to keep it as our pet.  "He's gotta go & pollinate stuff pup, sorry.  Letting him go."  He got a good look & then gave him a peace out gesture.  Sigh, summer is filled with wonder, huh?  Happy Friday!  xoxo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Life Aquatic

As far as superheros go, Aquaman seems to get the commercial shaft.  Not sure I get it...his powers are kinda rad.  Think about it - crime fighting dolphins through mind control?  Dope.  Why isn't every marine-oriented kid signed up for his fan club?    When I was drawing him this morning Oscar questioned whether or not he is part of the Justice League.  Really?  He seriously needs some good PR - I'll get on that right away.  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo

Monday, July 18, 2011

Frosted Lucky Marketing

This doodle story is bittersweet.  And kinda typical, I guess.  Oscar begged to choose his own cereal a couple of weeks ago in a rare visit to the supermarket (I am a Fresh Direct freak).  I gave in knowing there would be some box o' sugar in his hands in 2.2 since I'm pretty restrictive about junk predicted, here we go (see above).  The thing is, he has zero interest in actually eating it.  Yeah, it's the stupid hot wheels car that drove his decision.  Aces - we could've skipped the breakfast aisle entirely and gone right to the toy aisle.  Well, the box makes for some fun pop art I guess.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pop Shuv It

Super duper late this morning so quickity quick.  Me:  what am I drawing this morning sweet?  Oscar:  can I ride my skateboard to camp?  Me:  No, should I draw it?  Oscar:  yes.  Happy Friday!  xoxo

Thursday, July 14, 2011


That's right - smurfs are back for the next generation of kids and licensed toy marketing - woo hoo! Kinda love when stuff from my childhood becomes relevant to my own kid.  This morning we discussed how I used to play with them.  It was a true obsession for me - I had every single one of the 100 original characters + super fresh mushroom house.  Then one day, my sister lent them out to her friend.  And guess what?  I never saw any of them again.  Yeah, 25 years later...still stings.  Sigh.  Oh well.  Happy Thursday! xoxo

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Give a Hoot

I am always stoked when Oscar defaults to birds as his doodle ask.  Those that know me are well aware of my feathery appreciation...I just think they're awesome.  Mini dinosaurs - so rad.  Basically, Oscar looked around the house this morning and settled on a pair of owls I have chillin' in the living room window sill.  Owls have a pretty studious reputation, although their brains are relatively small compared with other birds of prey.  Maybe I should've drawn him in a chess match with a raven...I'll work on that later.  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Merry Go Round & Round

Ah, the air is heavy with super humidity & it's going to be hot.  Feels like the perfect day for Oscar's camp to go to the amusement, well, he's excited regardless of the forecast.  He asked that I draw one of the rides, and those that have been paying attention know I've done roller coasters and ferris wheels before so that leaves just one vintage-y carnival staple - the merry-go-round.  Frankly, not a personal fave a rides go, and at this point even Oscar finds it kinda lame.  But whatevs...makes a quaint little doodle.  Happy Wednesday - happy sweating!  xoxo

Monday, July 11, 2011

Surfer Blood

Not sure what is better - surfing or surfers.  Hmmm...all I can say is, it's dope.  Oscar is pretty fascinated by the sport, although like so many other risky, dare-devilish feats, he is kinda reserved.  He has so many of my traits, but this is definitely not coming from my genes, obviously.  My goal by the end of the summer is to get him on a board.  Of course this means by the time we get to next summer, I'll be starting all over again.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Friday, July 8, 2011

To Infinity & Beyond

Camp Fridays are event themed.  Guess what today's theme is?  Serendipitous...Oscar & I are so dang spacey this week it's kinda fitting.  This is at the Zoolander level - for reals.  We'll play it out today and possibly regain our intelligence this weekend.  In the meantime, Oscar & his camp buddies will blast off on an awesome adventure.  I can only hope they provide astronaut ice cream as the snack.  It's the bomb if you didn't know.  Happy Friday - hug the weekend!  xoxo

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dawn of the Dead

If you are a dedicated follower (thank you) then you noticed I skipped yesterday.  Boo.  This was not sleep has been off leaving me with like 17 minutes to get ready for work in the morning.  This is a deliberate lead in to our doodle today.  Over the weekend our friend made Oscar look like the living dead, you know, for fun!  Zombies are rad.  Walking around Soho on a random Saturday night like a zombie is radder.  Anyway, I have felt like a zombie ever since, so Oscar & I decided it would be good subject matter for the bag.  Here you go - bon appetite!  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Looooong fun filled weekend leads to double alarm shut down & manic rush to get ready for life this morning.  Sigh...better get on it.  Oscar had many many ideas this morning but I put on super pressure to choose just ONE thing he wanted me to draw.  We settled on this - friendship represent!  We caught the FriendsWithYou show downtown this weekend followed by a trip to Kidrobot so Oscar could add to his BFF (Travis Cain) collection.  Good times for sure - all warm & fuzzy & stuff.  Happy hug your friends Tuesday!  xoxo

Friday, July 1, 2011

Git Along Lil Doggie

It's our first camp Friday, which means it's camper appreciation day.  Today's theme:  Wild West.  Oscar requested a cowboy with horse...mmm mmm cowboys!  Meow.  Ok, back to our PG blog.  The kids will role play and eat jerky all day I guess.  I considered drawing a saloon with poker game &  whiskey bottle but reconsidered when the potential of acting out said doodle occurred to me.  So gun-slinging it is!  Happy Friday!  xoxo

Thursday, June 30, 2011

California Dreamin

Oscar is fresh back from a visit to Los Angeles to see my brother.  Did he have a fun time you ask?  Let's just say, he will not stop talking about how freaking awesome it was.  In fact, he has mentioned how cool it would be to live there like 87 times in the past 2 days.  Of course, a HUGE highlight was La Brea Tar Pits...we are fossil & taxidermy nuts after all.  He asked that I draw them.  Um, that seems like a real drain on my Sharpie, but whatevs.  He also requested I add a mammoth sinking.  Think my pachyderm is somewhere on the evolutionary scale between mammoth and modern day elephant.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not Quite Burning Man

Yep, we're back! Ready to dive into sweet sweet summer.  Today is the first day of camp.  Day camp in the city is absolutely nothing like real camp.  I mean, not even remotely close.  Still, the word camp elicits images of wilderness & "roughing it" so we're going with it, aight?  For real, Oscar has been counting the days down for camp to start.  Horseback riding, gymnastics, swimming, beach, arts & crafts, themed event's a 5 day / week fun fest.  So stoked for him, but let me tell you, September becomes a hard sell after 8 weeks of sunshiny hi-jinx. sense in skipping ahead.  Let's just go!  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo

Friday, June 17, 2011

School's Out for Summer

Yep...we're done.  Camp begins in a couple of weeks - we'll doodle it up then.  Enjoy the beginning of summer!  xoxo

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pineapple Express

We've got a Spongebob fixation this week...feeling kinda happy about that.  I mean, it's a pretty funny show.  Plus, there's a pineapple involved, which is where my obsession comes in.  This morning Oscar asked me to draw Spongebob's  We always have at least one whole pineapple on hand here, which inevitably leads to the request "can we make SB's house out of it?"  I wouldn't mind hollowing one deliciously sweet pineapple out to create this...if I could figure out exactly how to do it.  Open to any suggestions here.  No fruit can be harmed or sacrificed in this project btw.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

This morning when asked what he wants doodled, Oscar simply said "money."  That's right - cold hard cash.  Since we are talking kindergarten, I opted for the piggy bank versus a bankroll, although Oscar often talks about being rich.   Good plan.  "What are you planning to do with all your money?"  "Buy all the toys in the world!" he tells me.  Huh...maybe I should have drawn a bigger piggy.  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo  

Monday, June 13, 2011


Super late this morning, so how happy am I that Oscar asks for an easy doodle - yes!  Spongebob, Patrick, check & checkOf course, I effed up a bit on Patrick's arm and Oscar was on the quick pointing that out...sigh.  He has a critical eye for complaints.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Friday, June 10, 2011


I know...Charlie Sheen reference = yawn.  This is actually about winning though - not a crazytown tweaker delusional rant.  Sort of.  Oscar loves trophies.  This morning we talked about the end of baseball season since he is missing the last couple of games.  This kid spent all of his time in the field drawing pictures in the sand with his mitt; amusing that he is all about getting a trophy.  I ask him why it's so important to him to have one.  His response?  He wants to show his girlfriend.  Aces - impressing chicks - got it.  That's good enough for me I guess!  Happy Friday!  xoxo

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Surf's Up

Today is going to be tough!  100 sultry degrees in NYC...all Oscar & I could talk about this morning was the beach.  It took major restraint to keep to schedule today - if my work load wasn't so insane we'd be swim-suited up and headed to the waves.  Sigh...summer is just beginning I guess.  Oscar has yet to ride the Cyclone at Coney Island but talks about it all the time.  This weekend was the school carnival so amusement park rides are still fresh in the ol' brain.  Meanwhile I'll be dreaming of surfing, swimming and sunbathing in the chilly AC of my officeWell, keep cool - happy Thursday!  xoxo

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Lottery

Before you call kiddie gamblers anonymous, let me explain Oscar's fascination with scratch tickets.  Yes, he has a momentary flash of instant wealth when he sees one on the bus or sidewalk and declares "I'm rich!"  (this truly happens every time, everyday) but this is just for dramatic effect.  He is collecting them for a project - he wants to make a collage.  He thinks they're interesting.  Hey, I think Oscar is interesting, so I let him pick up these cast offs - I can picture the old dudes in the neighborhood scratching all the while they are leaving the bodega and tossing them with utter disappointment on the ground.  There's always OTB I guess.  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Decepticons Beware Continued

You're not having deja vu if you read yesterday's blog...Oscar asked for Bumblebee this morning, so Transformers day 2 is happening.  Just as well - this morning's allotted doodle / blog time is cut down to less than 5 thanks to a very early meeting.  So...we're out (sorry for the crappy drawing)!  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo

Monday, June 6, 2011

Robots in Disguise

Oh Mondays...more than meets the eye indeed.  Oscar had a super long weekend; I had a nearly as long weekend.  And now we're back at it.  Bumblebee & Optimus Prime both materialized for breakfast, so it was decided an epic battle with Megatron was in a drawing.  There really isn't a better way to face a busy week than with Autobots I guess.  Keeping with our theme this morning I tell Oscar if we catch the earlier B70 it may transform into one while we're on it.  "Where will we sit if it turns into a robot?"  Oscar wants to know.  "In his eyes of course."  Kids sometimes miss the really obvious stuff.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Head in the Sand

Ok, so Oscar doesn't actually have school today.  He's off the next 2 days for some teacher blah blah blah thing...I know, it's June so wtf.  Well, whatevs - he gets to hang out with my mom today.  As we were packing the day's necessities inclusive of snackies, he asked about the bag.  Hadn't planned on it, but since he asked, here we go.  "What do you have in mind?"  "I don't know" he says, "you pick."  I have been on an ostrich kick all week thanks to a new German product that has all the ridiculous promise of being this year's snuggie.  Yep, it's just that stupid...and hilarious.  I wouldn't say that about the real ostrich though, mainly because it would kick my ass.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo