Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yo-Ho-Ho & a Bottle of Rum

Three words:  ghost, pirate, legos.  Perfection really.  The greatest toy ever coupled with super fun characters...limitless possibilities for a good time.  Oscar has now become so specific about his Mermaid Parade costume, he has lego dudes in mind.  "Don't know that I can achieve that squared off look for you sweetie."  He is not discouraged.  "Wait, I know!"  he excitedly exclaims.  He returns to the living room with the Fresh Direct boxes from the weekend (he stowes this stuff away in his room all the time - I live with Sanford & Son).  Um..."I think that will be kind of uncomfortable on the the heat...let's revisit."  Rigid cubey pirate costume seems a bit too challenging this morning.  Oh well, there's still time in design phase to work it out.  Happy Thursday xoxo

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Siren Song (aka Hurry Up June)

Spring is taking its sweet-a time getting here, and we are already fast-forwarding to summer this morning.  Oscar & I are discussing the weekend plans - baseball opening day, family party & my mermaid costume fitting for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.  "You're going to wear a mermaid costume to the baseball game?'  Uh, no.  Thinking this wouldn't go very well with the other parents, although it would be memorable.  "I'm just going to be measured to make sure the fit is right for the parade Oscar - that is still a few months away."  He asks that I draw it so he can talk about it at school, because he too will be in the Mermaid Parade as a ghost pirate, not to be confused with your run-of-the-mill pirate.  He is very specific about how the costume needs to look (tattered & spooky) and that he has to wear make up to look dead.  Right - working on his costume in tandem - we are desperate for some warm weather & summer hi-jinx.  One day at a time I guess :)  Happy Wednesday xoxo

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For Chris, By Request

While we are on the subject of fossils...I asked Oscar how he would feel about a punchy little trilobite this morning for the doodle.  "Yeah!  I love those guys."  Great.  Then, he gently reminds me of our purchase a few months back at the AMNH - the kit to grow trilobites.  The conversation is a few phrases, peppered with how we FAILED to grow the trilobites.  Essentially you can attempt to propogate what are bascially prehistoric sea monkeys.  And guess what?  They have an even slimmer success rate because, you know, they are ancient creatures that went extinct 250 million years ago.  Just trying to catch a break here with my kid, who as I draw recounts the days of anticipation - waiting for his precious arthropods to come to life, & all we ended up with was stinky water in a jar that he refused to let me flush down the toilet.  Sigh...I point out the flourishing signs of life all around - lots of plants, guinea pig, small boy.  Hey, nobody's perfect, I tell him.  "But I really like the drawing mama."  Way to focus on the pluses - that's my boy.  Happy Tuesday xoxo

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rock You Like a Hurricane

You can never get enough prehistoric least around here.  We dedicated our netflix streaming viewing to national geographic this weekend, landing on fascinating shows about giant arthropods from, oh, about 390 million years ago.  There were a few candidates on Oscar's mind this morning when I asked about the snack bag - dragonflies, cockroaches, millipedes.  But clearly the sea scorpian made the greatest impression.  It was over 8 feet long & pretty much ate everything available, crushing all predators & prey.  Yeah!  Giant Sea Scorpian - you rock.  Too bad in the past few million you've shrunk to a desert dwelling mini-you, but hey, Oscar notes - people are still afraid of you.  So there you go.  Happy Monday xoxo

Friday, March 25, 2011

Weird Science

Last night we attended the school science very fun.  Oscar eagerly visited each stall, asking questions (what does this do? why did you choose that?  will it explode?) to the young researchers.  He walked me through his class project - the seeds growing in socks - giving me the deets around whose plants were growing best.  Oscar's plant wasn't doing too well, but the socks were a real highlight - yeah, I sent him in with a fuzzy pink chenille pair.  His teacher noted he's quite the individual amongst the set.  This morning we decided to commemorate the event with this guy.  "What's he making?"  "Whatever you want him to!  What do you think?  A cure for a disease?"  Oscar thinks for a minute..."A delicious drink for Saturday?"  Ah, guinea pig beverages are high in priority in the world of scientific development.  Happy Friday!  xoxo

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Madness

Hopefully you weren't expecting a doodle of BYU's point guard.  We are dealing with a different kind of madness this madness to be exact.  Oscar asked me why it's snowing again.  Great question!  "Well sweet, remember the saying about March?  In like a lion & out like a lamb?"  He nods - he recalls.  "But the flowers were starting to bloom."  Sigh...this saddens me too.  He requested I draw the lion, a.k.a. winter's evil grip, on his bag.  I was tempted to draw the majestic beast eating a lamb, but reconsidered when I thought of the audience.  I'll wait until he's in the second grade for that rendition I guess.  And voila - one king of the jungle.  "I love it."  Oscar replies.  "Tomorrow can you draw a lamb?"  Hmmm...let's check on that forecast before making a decision.  We may not see a cuddly lamb until April.  Happy Thursday xoxo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Iguana...that's all I've got

Yep, I am completely lacking in a clever title today.  Hope this isn't too disappointing, but truthfully, I've got nothing here.  Not that this is in any way a reflection on the subject...iguanas are perfectly awesome lizards.  I am happy Oscar asked me to draw one this morning to accompany his homework lesson all about lower case "i."  He's a punchy little guy - scaly & dragon-y.  We admire his slow & thoughtful gait through the desert warming himself with the brilliant sun.  But...when is the last time you saw an iguana featured in, well, anything?  I welcome any comments to the contrary, but Iguana, you have been neglected by pop culture.  My apologies.  Maybe we should start a fan page on Facebook & get some traction?  Meh, let's just leave him to his blissful state of anonymity.  He totally seems like the kind of reptile that prefers to live off the grid & under the radar.  Carry on Iguana.  Happy Wednesday xoxo

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bat Flower!

It's spring (although temperature-wise here in Brooklyn it's kind of evil at the moment) and we LOVE plants.  We get pretty excited by them, especially beautiful flowering ones.  Oscar & I spend quite a bit of time in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden when weather kindly permits. I came across this awesome specimen last night, combining two of my favorite things (bat + flower = amazing!) & I couldn't wait to show Oscar.  His immediate response this morning - draw that.  Ok!  Clearly Georgia O'Keefe I am not, but we were both pleased enough with the rendering.  Oscar is looking forward to telling his classmates about a cool new flower - he wishes they hadn't started their science fair seeding because "this is the plant he'd like to grow" he exclaims.  And me?   I have plenty of ideas about this gorgeous thing too...stay tuned :)  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bark at the Moon

If you have the chance to accompany this read with some Ozzy, it is highly recommended.  This was an awesomely cosmic weekend - spring equinox coupled with perigee moon.  So rad, and Oscar fulfilled his wish to have a full moon party on the most appropriate occasion...the closest it's been in 18 years.  Oscar made all of the necessary preparations in my mother's backyard in NJ, but no one was allowed to bay at the moon when the festivities commenced at sundown.   There's been quite a focus on the holy trinity of monsters lately - The Mummy, Dracula & Werewolf.  Specifically he needs to know how to kill them.  Hmmm, this may explain why no one was allowed to silver bullets handy in case that attracted a werewolf perhaps?  I asked if this was the case this morning as I doodled.  "No mama, that's not why."  "Ok puppet," I respond.  "Why didn't you want anyone to howl?"  "I never said we should be howling - that was grandma's idea.  You know, we're not dogs."  Well, there you have it.  You can't mess with a kid & his party planning I guess.  Happy Monday xoxo

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wannabe Dentist or Fetish Queen?

Oscar is officially a jack-o-lantern.  He is currently missing both front teeth, making 4 losses of babies in total.  Show of hands if you knew they were also called milk teeth, cause I sure didn't & have yet to find out why.  Of course, Oscar awoke this morning to cold hard cash - the 4th transaction he's had with the tooth fairy to date.  I did a little digging into the origins of the tooth fairy and her popularity - seems this business is dominated by either her or variations of mice throughout Europe.  I think given the choice Oscar would choose the babe, because he is a total sucker for a cute girl.  I can't answer his continuous questions about "why" she wants the teeth without making up outlandish stories (this by the way is one of the best parenting perks imaginable).  Each time I change it up a bit, and never commit fully but hypothesize this is the way it is.  This morning I told him she makes jewelry out of it and sells her wares at the Brooklyn Flea.  I promised we would check out her stall next week.  Happy Friday & have an awesome weekend ;)  xoxo

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Magically Delicious

Another holiday doodle - no sweat.  Seriously, we eliminate several deliberative minutes here, so I am more than happy with an easy request.  I think all is captured in this one with one minor exception -  the absence of Jennifer AnistonOscar is totally interested in leprechauns & would like to know how he can go about meeting one.  Let me point out that my depiction uncannily & unintentionally resembles every guy walking around Greenpoint these days...this meeting can easily be arranged I'm sure.  "Well, they are pretty busy guarding their gold Oscar.  It's hard to get in touch with them.  People are always trying to take their stuff so they can't come & go freely."  Oscar's response:  "Maybe we can go to them, you know, to that place that is all green with grass?"  Check - will note this in the vacation list.  In the meantime, I'll help my mini-hipster crush out with some added protection - pink hearts, orange stars, yellow moons, green clovers & blue diamonds.  Happy St Patrick's Day :) xoxo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who needs appendages?

We traded one phobia for another to feature on the snack bag today.  Interesting how most grown-ups have fears of the very same creatures little kids totally dig, eh?  I won't burden you with my psycho-analysis on this's before 7am after all and we like to keep it light in this blog as a rule.  So, here we go with a cobra.  Snakes are rad, but cobras are super rad.  The hood is an easy sell - it's gorgeous & fearsome to all furry little things, cute feathery things and just about anything else that can be eaten or suffocated by one of these magnificent reptiles.  My favorite characteristic, however, is the venom spitting trait most of these guys have.  Oscar & I discuss the benefits when his eyes go wide.  "Hey, you hate spitting mama." Hmmm, yes, this is very true (cut to scene on 59th St platform where dude waiting for the N train is launching luggies into the tracks - so not good)"But this is different.  Cobras are protecting themselves - they're spitting poison."  Double standard?  Maybe.  When New Yorkers require spitting for self defense we can revisit.  Happy Wednesday ;)  xoxo

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shark Week!

Or day.  Shark Day it is I guess.  Although who knows?  Maybe there will be a bevy of requests this week involving shark varieties.  Whatever - we are having fun with a generic great white this morning, cruising the sea floor in his search for...I don't know.  License plates?  Tires?  I always revert to the Jaws game I had as a little kid based on the classic Spielberg film - you may remember the one where you fish the debris out of the shark's mouth before it closes.  It begs the question: why were there so many car parts in the ocean in the 70's?  Oscar digs the drawing, but has retrieved his anatomical shark model from his room as a reference.  Yeah, I don't have time to draw a spleen, I tell him - this may have to wait until tomorrow.  "Can you make it a hammerhead?" he asks.  Perhaps.  To be continued...Happy Tuesday xoxo

Monday, March 14, 2011

Is this your handiwork Dr. Moreau?

Ok, this one requires a lot of labeling.  Oscar is enamored by the platypus thanks to a certain animated series he is currently into.  Hey, Australia likes them too...and I think we are all aware of the only-mammal-that-lays-eggs fact.  But, did you know the male platypus has a lethal cocktail of venom that can kill a dog?  Yep, thanks Wikipedia, because I had no freaking idea either.  So, if you were to make yourself a platypus in your mad scientist lab, here's what you would need:  one duckbill, four otter feet, one beaver tail, some poisonous venom placed at the hind legs (for dude platypuses) and two ovaries - only the left functional to produce leathery reptilian eggs - plus mammary glands that secrete through the skin of the abdomen, not through teats (for the lady platypuses).  Yeah, it's a mess, but they sure are unique.  Oscar is so damn confused right now, and boy that was hard to draw.  Guess getting all the tough concepts out of the way at the start is a good approach to the week.  Happy Monday!  xoxo ;)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Monster Mash

Here's what's up - Oscar likes monsters.  I mean, really likes monsters...of all breeds.  We have a collection of them that live in the haunted house, and they frequently throw outdoor parties in the cemetery - the guinea pig is always a featured guest.  It goes hand-in-hand with the Scooby-Doo obsession too, I guess.  But lately, Oscar has a new agenda.  He deliberately looks for things to "be afraid of."  For instance, our conversation the other night:  "Hey look at the moon Oscar - it's a tiny sliver.  That means the full moon is coming."  Response:  "Wow!  I'm going to start being scared of the full moon.  It's spooky.  Can we look for it so I can be afraid?"  Um, yeah.  Werewolves, check.  I get it.  I just enjoy the preemptive fear factor.  This morning we settled on Creature from the Black Lagoon and his buddy The Mummy for the doodle.  Oscar didn't mention his anticipated angst, but I suspect these guys are too innocuous for that.  Happy Friday - enjoy the weekend xoxo

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Houdini 101

Last night as I prepared dinner, Oscar set up the living room for his performanceYep, I run a supper club in Brooklyn for the kindergarten set.  All were in attendance, and in some cases, a part of the actual show (poor Saturday).  I sat between the muskrat skull and the dragon sipping my beverage - Oscar launched into his "act" which comprised of the guinea pig being drawn out of Oscar's knit cap and some guess-which-hand coin tricks.  Good times.  This morning Oscar asked that I immortalize it by way of the doodle, but with a real magician.  I've got to be honest...there's no way I want to draw David Blaine or David Copperfield or any David really.  Oscar has no idea who any of those dudes are, and if I expose him to G.O.B. (my personal fave) his dream of being an illusionist - short lived as it may be - will be lost.  Nope, sticking to jokey cartoon-like guy with requisite good-natured rabbit sidekick.  Happy Magical Thursday :)  xoxo

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Or under the bed...bunk bed to be precise.  Oscar thought it would be fun to cut out portholes & turn his bunk bed into a sub by taping them along the frame.  Indeed!  This is fun, especially since there are so many trinkets, toys, crafts, etc scattered about Oscar's room it truly is exploration.  "Should I draw a submarine today?" I ask.  The answer is a resounding yes.  Once I have it down on the bag, there is a secondary request for an know, to make it real he says.  Happy to oblige as Oscar knows this is one of my all-time favorite animals.  "Why do you like them mama?"  Oscar asks.  "So many reasons,"  I say "but mainly because they are super smart."  "And delicious."  Oscar replies.  Ha!  So very true!  Happy Wednesday xoxo

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oscar Versus the Volcano

Oscar can be very ambitious...and unrealistic (he's 6 - I get it).  In addition to the 847 other things we have going on, he thinks it would be a good idea to build his volcano kit this morning.  That's a negative I tell him.  He can barely get his uniform on at 6:30am, and I definitely am not signing up for a science project before heading out.  "How about I draw that today?"  Yes, this works for him but we have to work on it tonight after dinner.  Sounds like a solid plan.  One thing I didn't count on...this is not an easy brown bag/black sharpie translation for me.  As I try to capture the billowing smoke, Oscar tells me the drawing "looks angry."  "Angry?"  I say.  "This volcano is FURIOUS."  Hehe. "It's a supervolcano, which means it can cause serious damage.  Magma, sulfur, ash...all hot & dangerous stuff.  You know, there are even volcanoes in space."  He is riveted.  He needs more information about this, and I have officially booked my night with very specific geographic research & discovery. long as the baking soda eruption doesn't mess with the rug it's cool.  Happy Tuesday :) xoxo

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm rolling a big doughnut and this snake wearing a vest...

There are a few rites of passage that never go out of style.  This weekend Oscar selected & rode his first very own bicycle.  Not a "baby bike" as he refers to tricycles - one for a big kid, like him.  Ah, a boy & his does seem really magical.  When you think about it, it is his introduction to freedom.  Conveyance on his own terms; a chance to be a total individual.  I can picture him sticking baseball cards in the spokes, making a tick-tick-tick, & pedaling off into the sunset.  I asked how he felt riding his shiny new wheels, which spun into this morning's doodle request.  "I like it."  Ok, not the enthusiasm I was hoping for, but he continued his recount with "big plans" of springtime rides "at night."  Clearly I have Easy Rider in the making.  But I think we'll commemorate with something a little more innocent to begin.  Pee Wee's Big Adventure is in queue for movie night, ready to inspire what I hope will be a long and meaningful relationship between Oscar & his ride.  Happy Monday xoxo

Friday, March 4, 2011

Blame Canda

As I finished packing for my weekend trip to Toronto this morning, Oscar watched on as I exhibited OCD mixed with my usual hyper-kinetic state.  "What do you want me to draw today sweetie, and make that request snappy"  I uttered while checking my passport location for the eighteenth time.  "Draw something about your trip."  Oh...a Canadian doodle, ay?  (yes, that was intentional)  Sadly, only a few images come to mind - maple syrup, hockey, and South Park (T&P fart doodle...negative).  Well, it is a  lot of country - surely there is something translatable here.  And then I think, MOOSE.  A really big animal for a really big wilderness-y place.  "Are you going to see a moose when you are away?"  "Hmmm, don't think so.  Toronto is like, well, here."  He's pleased with the drawing, but is now critical of the context.  "Maybe you should draw something you are going to see."  Maple syrup it is!  Or a bag of Heinz ketchup chips.  Meh, we'll stick with this or I will be late to the airport.  Happy Friday, happy weekend.  xoxo

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Take me to your leader...

Oscar told me a story this morning - a short one - he was told by his friend the day before.  It goes like this:  An alien was visiting earth, and a bird landed on his hand.  Then the alien ate the bird.  That's it - that is the whole story as it was passed on in the great elementary school oral tradition.  Sigh...I really want to know so much more but that's all he's got on this particular allegory.  "So Oscar, want me to draw the alien on your bag?"  "YES!  Make him a martian."  Sweet...classic martian it is.  Of course, Oscar is very interested in the possibilities of extraterrestrials.  We chat it up about space exploration...rovers & satellites, galaxies near & far.  The imagination wheels are spinning fast the more Oscar hears - I can see the illustrations forming in his head - and I am thinking this is one of the greatest aspects of being a parent.  Sky's the limit pumpkin - dream big today & everyday...maybe a trip to Area 51 is in order.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Gator Mater

We've already established our fondness for natural world in this shouldn't be surprising that on our break last week we ventured into Evolution with a birthday shopping agendaAnother friend had given Oscar a gift certificate to choose his own treasures, and he wasted no time in spending it.  Alas, the impressive alligator head.  Oscar has taken him out around the hood a couple of times, eliciting random & insane comments like was he in your toilet? from our friendly neighbors.  "Can I take it to school today?" - the ever popular morning question following the doodle request.  As always, the answer is no unless we have a show & tell situation, so Oscar takes his reptilian head and walks away.  When I check in on him later I notice the alligator is now in the guinea pig cage on top of the food effective starvation tactic.  "Hey, Oscar?  Do you think Saturday is going to eat with the gator in here?"  His response, "I want to see Saturday get stuck in his jaws."  Ah yes, that makes sense...I relieve Saturday of the circus performance,  put the head away on the shelf, and explain to Oscar that reptiles & rodents don't make a good pairingYep, it's Wednesday...enjoy!  xoxo

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dungeons, Dragons, The Cable Guy

Oscar's mission this week, I'm convinced, is to have me draw every one of his birthday presents.  Luckily all gift certificates have been "cashed in" for tangible items or some of these bags would be incredibly lame Franklin Mint concepts.  "So Oscar, what are we drawing today?"  I can already guess, because he has had his Schleich dragon out terrorizing the guinea pig for a solid 15 now"Draw my dragon!"  Ok...I kind of want to include a pooping guinea pig in the foreground since this is what I am seeing, but I stick with a tighter depiction keeping to the theme.  As I am drawing all that's coming to me is the scene from The Cable Guy- easily the most hilarious part of the movie with the joust at Medieval Times - and I laugh & laugh.   Oscar is looking at me like I've lost my nut - "Why are you laughing?   I think it looks really good mama."  Ah, unconditional can't beat it.  "I just think dragons are funny.  Thanks for liking it."  Happy Tuesday xoxo