Friday, September 9, 2011

Mrs. Peacock in the Study with a Candlestick

School day 2, electric boogaloo.  And boy, it is harrrrd to get back into a morning routine - so more late posting and super quick sketching...sigh.  Hope to get back on it soon so more detail & less lamenting to come all.  Oscar was also very undecided this morning so he went with the standard "you like birds, draw one of those" line.  He kinda strikes me as a peacock with his highlighted locks and bright green eyes - the teen years will bring some big trouble I'm thinking...better start psyching myself up for that I suppose.  Of course, once I finished it he blurted "I want you to draw Mario!"  Too bad so sad my darling...we late.  Happy Friday - have a great weekend!  xoxo

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