Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Carrion & Other Breakfast Foods

Hoping this isn't foreboding, as my morning entails a continuation of a very unpleasant set of circumstances nearly at a close (all digits crossed so as not to jinx myself) but Oscar asked for...a buzzard this morning.  Huh?  I have no idea where this image originated - certainly not something I have seen recently.  I did immediately think of the old Looney Tunes episode with the baby buzzard that was from some soviet block nation, and I wondered if through osmosis Oscar had this image as we are planning a trip to LA in a few months to visit my brother.  Among other adventures, he is dying to go to Universal Studios after seeing a picture of me getting soaked under a giant bucket in the Nickelodeon part of the park.  Um, I'm grasping I know.  Way better to think this way than the metaphor I have in mind...ok! shaking that off and focusing on drawing a buzzard I go ahead and get started.  I figure I have time for a little probing.  "So Oscar, what do you know about buzzards?"  "Um, nothing.  They're birds."  "That's true.  They're scavengers." I reply. "I know that word!"  he exclaims excitedly.  "They clean up after litterbugs."  OMG, that is cute.  To soften the ominous look on my aviary friend, I add a couple of babies.  Oscar is pretty happy - not sure how he will translate the doodle at school, but that should make for some interesting conversation tonight at dinner.

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