Monday, January 24, 2011

Warm & Fuzzy Family, Er, Values

Maybe it was the weekend spent at Grandma's with the whole family, including the nursing home visit with Great-Grandma...hanging out with cats and babies and geriatrics.  A wholesome and relaxing time indeed.  This morning Oscar had more familial affection on his mind when I asked what the doodle would be today.  Super quick response, "Draw Saturday!"  That's the guinea pig, our one and only pet.  A docile creature whose dietary preferences always surprise me (he won't eat cucumbers?) and penchant for pooping is unmatched by any animal I've ever met.  I'm pleased with this request as it seems tender and intimate, until Oscar grabs Saturday to be my model.  We already have limited time and the uncaged state will surely lead to lots of excrement for me to clean up before we leave for school.  Also, and I can only hope this is not misunderstood by any PETA members that may happen upon this blog, but Oscar's handling of the guinea pig is sometimes a bit, um, playful.  He is an excited 6 year old; Saturday is a nervous rodent.  We love animals, and I think it is important for a kid to learn the responsibilities of caring for another creature.  Having said that, as great as a pet he is, he is really not into any role or game play.  Oscar seems unwilling to accept this fact and this morning's modeling set up is a perfect example.  While Oscar was trying to create an entire "scene" for me to replicate, Saturday was pooping and desperately trying to get himself in a corner so he wouldn't be bothered.  Sigh...I think I captured his true spirit, even if I couldn't quite capture the look of terror in his eyes.  We love you Saturday xoxo


  1. Where are the poop piles on the bag?

  2. What a wonderful mommy you are! Oscar is a very lucky little boy and he is growing up in a world of love.

    Diane Goode