Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kafka, Titles and Keeping It Real

I realize the name of this blog is 365 Doodle, which is a misnomer, as I only create doodles on school days (summer camp snack bags too) and there are only roughly 180 school days / year.  Oh, and my son attends Catholic school, so make that like 27 (all those feast days add up).  In any case, not the same cache, so hopefully no one gets caught up in the details.  This is the first weekend of this blog's existence, so I thought I would throw out a Saturday edition as attrition.  And to be honest, I couldn't wait until Monday based on my conversation with Oscar this morning...a continuation of his ongoing fascination with Kafka.  You read that correctly.  He stumbled upon my copy of The Metamorphosis and became enthralled with the cover art.  Understandable - it's Gregor already in beetle state scaring the crap out of the house tenants.  Cool, no doubt, to anyone, but to a 6 year old this is extra super cool.  Also extra super hard to explain the plot line and reasons why this cannot be his bedtime story.  Compromise?  I will draw the cover on your snack bag.  Response?  Right now!  Uh, ok.  I take Oscar with me to the gym every Saturday morning, so I figure I will throw his snacks in this bag today to legitimize the whole experience.  But we are not done with the interrogation.  "Why is he a beetle?  Why are those people scared if he is really just a man?  Is he a monster?  What about his family?  Does he have a job?"  Whoa - existentialism does not translate to the kindergarten set, I assure you, even if they are very sensitive and perceptive.  Best to keep this one on a cartoon-plane and explain in his terms.  Solution? I remembered an episode from Extreme Ghostbusters (think may have lived a few seasons, circa need to call out that I am a nerd because I am aware) where an ectoplasmic beetle was actually called Gregor Samsa.  The details of the episode are fuzzy, but seriously, how much information do I really need to fill in the blanks here?  I have since promised to find a copy of the show on DVD for him to see.  For now, immediate satisfaction will have to be had with my animated version, a promise of his summer reading list when he is 15, and this doodle.  Have a great weekend xoxo.

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