Monday, January 31, 2011

Wright or Wrong...

There are so many possibilities for a doodle request this morning based on our activity filled weekend.  We built a solar system mobile, worked on birthday party prep, took apart and rebuilt the shark anatomical model about 13 times while playing a game we like to call Shark Week CSI Brooklyn (Oscar is both the director and producer - I am the actress on the series).  We also went to the Guggenheim to see the Kandinsky exhibit.  So, when Oscar finally decided he wanted me to "draw the museum," I gasped at the idea of his choosing a painting for me to emulate.  I probed:  "Uh, what exactly do you want me to draw?  Which painting?"  His reply:  "No!  I want you to draw the museum!  You know, with the circles on the outside and the..."  It is here that he is making a gesture with his arms to indicated the spiraling ramps in the rotunda.  Say what? A <7 minute doodle of an architectural monument?  Sure, no sweat.  At this moment all I keep thinking is, I should just draw Jupiter and call it a day.  King of planets - has all of those moons - he won't care.  But then he starts talking about the museum, and what an excellent time he had there yesterday...sigh.  I'm a never say die kind of girl, and I'm sure FLW (and you dear readers) will forgive my hasty & woefully amateur sketch.  Happy Monday xoxo

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