Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How many school days are there?

Oscar, my son, is a very spirited and creative kid.  Of course, all mothers think this way, but mine is quite particular about anything visual.  This morning, he asked that I draw Scooby Doo (yep, this is his current obsession) eating a sandwich.  As mentioned, I am not much of an artist, but I aim to please.  So, I set about drawing the insatiable Scooby Doo with said sandwich in true super stack cartoon fashion only to hear my son complain about his ears.  Ears?  I fear tomorrow's morning request will be comprised of the entire gang of meddling kids...I better get some Hanna Barbera 101 down in the next few hours or the feedback will be scathing.

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  1. Very cool. You're a great artist! I suck. Daddy's better at it then me. We too doodle on Vito's daily snack bags, morning and afternoon snack - since Beginning Scholars class (3's) to date. Now I mostly do 1/2 doodle and 1/2 stickers to save time. Always tho with a smiling sun in the sky for morning snack and a setting sleeping sun for the afternoon. Also two birds -- simple -- the way my sweet gra'ma used to draw them -- like fancy upside "m." Started from before he could read -- so he would know which was which. Can't bring myself to dispense with the suns... or the birds. (sigh)