Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Feed Me Seymor!

I am a lover of plants.  I am a lover of all living creatures, really.  I have difficulty killing anything, and as a rule prefer catch and release over annihilation any day.  With one exception...feeding the venus flytrap.  This morning Oscar asked for a punchy doodle of our carnivorous friend to which I happily obliged.  Ah, what an awesome flora you are venus flytrap - producing chlorophyll and providing pest control.  One of Oscar's favorite summer past times is watching me catch fruit flies Miyagi style with tweezers and balancing them precipitously above the eager lush leaves for feeding.  The moment when the leaf snatches and closes around the juicy little insect always incites an "AHHHH" from him - it's that primeval and thrilling.   I imagine Oscar talking about this at snack time today, likely grossing out all of the girls with accounts of his mom handling bugs and shoving them into the maw of monstrous vegetation.  Hey, we think it's cool.  Happy Wednesday xoxo

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