Friday, April 8, 2011

Birds of a Feather

This morning as I was packing Oscar's bag for his post-school sleepover, we started chatting about the weekend.  Baseball, pilates...usual stuff with the exception of my tattoo appointment tonight.  Oscar seems almost as excited as I am - kids really seem to dig them (my kid at least).  He also knows how much I like birds, which is the subject of the latest one, and asks that I draw my signature bird - the rooster - on his snack bag.  No sweat - I love roosters.  There are so many cool ways to illustrate them.  Of course, once I finish this one..."What's that rooster doing?"  "It's a weathervane.  He spins in the direction of the wind.  Tells you where it's coming from...where it's going."  Oscar is intrigued.  He suddenly decides he needs this, here, in the apartment, for Saturday (the guinea pig).  "Um, why does Saturday need a weathervane?"  "So he knows when I'm coming."  Hmmm, yes.  I guess there is a certain logic to this.  I'm going to leave it there.  Happy Friday xoxo

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  1. What will the new one be? Any hints?