Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Please Forgive Me Harrison Ford

Ok, more than once I have stated I have no business doodling portraits.  However, Oscar is currently on an Indiana Jones kick, thanks in part to my own minor obsession.  So, when he asked me to "draw Raiders of the Lost Arc" this morning...um.  What exactly am I drawing?  "Draw him, and the whip."  Ha!  Good grief.  I am being asked to draw a long standing crush...I mean, come on.  Han Solo?   You want me to draw one of the most perfect men ever to walk the earth?  Why stop here - I should just let rip a crappy sketch of Paul Newman & Marlon Brando while I'm at it.  Well, anything for my son, even if it means hate mail from adoring fans over this abomination.  Happy Tuesday xoxo

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