Monday, April 18, 2011


Doesn't have the same impact as Piranha! but you get the idea.  We watched an episode of River Monsters last night & Oscar is riveted by these man-eating fish.  He asked me to draw one this morning, including blood and limbs, but I went for the PG version of homie out cruising for his next meal instead.  They're pretty ferocious - most of the species are 2-3 feet long and super aggressive.  "Mama, can we catch one?"  Yikes, no thank you.  I'm usually up for anything but even I was freaked out by the documentary.  "Why?  What will we do with it?"  "Don't you want to eat it?  You eat all kinds of sea creatures, even urchins."  Aw, he knows my appetite for seafood has no limits.  "Well, if I see it on a menu I'll order it, but I don't think I want it that fresh puppet.  I'll skip trying to catch one."  Happy Monday xoxo

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