Friday, April 1, 2011

Major League

Don't get your hopes up...this blog is Sheen free.  We have a milestone weekend ahead - Oscar has his first opening game day tomorrow - his first baseball team.  Unlike all of the other kid activities, this one seems monumental - a classic rite of passage that will hold a permanent place in his memories.  He has his sights set on a trophy, which is kind of adorable in that it doesn't seem tied to any competitive value.  No, he just thinks they're cool & shiny & "like statues" he tells me.  Always the visualist.  "You're going to be cheering for me, right mama?" he asks as I draw.  "Of course!  Every game - I'll even make up some rhymes if you want."   "Yeah!  Um, like what?"  This is going to be a long season now that I've signed myself up for open to any ideas so please pass along :)  Happy weekend xoxo

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