Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Bug-Day

Oscar is a generous kid.  Once again, he elected this morning to have me choose the doodle, with one directional point.  He awoke today ready to celebrate my birthday (yep, it's happening right now).  He drew something for me, he had a gift on the ready & when asked what he would like on his bag, he stated "It's your day mama.  How about you draw your favorite bug."  Aw, nothing says birthday like an insect I guess.  So, I took him up on his entomological is my fave.  Dragonfly.  The black sharpie can't do it justice; kindly use your colorful imaginations here.  Elegant & beautiful, I have been excited by dragonflies pretty much my entire life.  Oscar totally digs them too, although admittedly he's a little afraid of them.  "I knew that's what you would draw!  Or I thought it would be a bee."  Hmmm, really could have gone for that too I guess - either way, spring is here & we have lots of bug appreciation time ahead.  Happy Monday xoxo

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