Thursday, April 14, 2011

We'll Make Great Pets

Oscar asked this morning that we illustrate last night's reading homework assignment via snack  The title of said masterpiece - Good Pets.  This launched an entire conversation about Oscar's first pet, ahem, I mean pets.  You see, Oscar remebers his fish Blue, but what he is really referring to is a series of fish that collectively represent Blue.  I know, it's sad, but what can I say?  Fish have short life spans, and he was a toddler when I first ventured into petland.  So, I would like to state here a memorial for all of those wonderful albeit brief family members:  Monty, Webster, Apollo, Mr. T & Blue, you were all beloved & cherished fish.  We miss you every day.  Oscar makes a sad face at the bag, then asks if he can have goat for his next pet.  Um..."How about we focus on Saturday, our fuzzy squeezebox for now before we look to add, ok?"  Sorry Saturday - know you were probably enjoying your breakfast before I scapegoated you (no pun intended, but ha!).  Happy Thursday xoxo

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