Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paging Dr. Venkman

Another doodle inspired by legendary actor Bill Murray!  Well, sort of...that's my spin on it anyway.  Oscar's show & tell letter is "G" this week, and naturally he decided a ghost was what he wanted to bring in to speak about in front of the class.  No other logical choice really; complexity arises out of options here.  So many ghoulish choices around the home, it's hard to narrow the appropriate object...at 6:30 am I might add.  I refused to let our copy of Ghostbusters leave the house and my set of Beetlejuice collectors cards was off limits, so we settled on one of the residents of the haunted house - there is actually a little family of nylon & cotton ghosts, fashioned in the traditional sense that are perfect for such an occasion. Befitting a cloudy spring morning, huh?  Happy Tuesday xoxo

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