Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fight Club

If you don't already know, I box every Wednesday (sometimes Tuesday too).  Oscar hangs out at the gym with me for each of these hour + trainings, & he is eager to participate as soon as possible.  It helps that he shares a name with a famous boxer (de la Hoya of course) so he feels an extra link to the sport.  This morning he asked me to "draw boxing" followed with "why do I get so excited" after boxing.  Translation:  hot, sweaty & wired.  I explain the whole adrenaline piece in a cool biology-chemically way.   Harder to explain is the whole catharsis thing without making it seem like I just want to punch people...hard.  Which, I do, but with all the best of intentions (I love those guys).  Sigh, who knew boxing could be such a complicated subject.  "You know why I like it Oscar?  Because it's fun."  This is always a satisfying answer to everything & reminds me I promised we'd work on his left hook (which he expresses in a cute tightly fisted gesture).  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

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