Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th...mwah ha ha ha

This is super duper late posting, but Blogger was a wanker today.  In the spirit of this spooktacular Friday, Oscar & I chatted about superstition, horror movies, & all around scary stuff over breakfast this morning.  "What's a horror movie?"  was his first response.  For real, Coraline is about as scary as we can get at 6, so I kept it to the B movie genre for easy digestion.  I mean, those movies are so damn ridiculous (and awesome) that even the kindergarten set can take least let's hope so or I'm certain to get a note from the teacher today at pick up.  We settled on an homage to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes in case that was not clear in the doodle...haha.  Happy Creepy Friday!  xoxo

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