Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zoo York

In the middle of this daily rainy weather cycle, Oscar's class trip is scheduled for the Prospect Park Zoo.  I'm one of the chaperons...if it was a quark warmer, I'd just wear my swimsuit.  Seems practical - I've been perpetually wet for days now.  Plus there's the moist animal smell to look forward to - haha, yeah.  Anyhow, the kids are super stoked.  Me too - I love the zoo, although Oscar has difficulty aligning the majesty of the Bronx zoo with our modest PP zoo in Brooklyn.  Kind of a borough throw down - Bronx wins this one I guess.  Stay dry, happy Wednesday!  xoxo


  1. It would be great to shop the latest and coolest Zoo York clothing.

  2. um....that would be quite nice. Harold Hunter is the dude to talk to about that though, not me I'm afraid.