Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yo-Ho-Ho & a Bottle of Rum

Three words:  ghost, pirate, legos.  Perfection really.  The greatest toy ever coupled with super fun characters...limitless possibilities for a good time.  Oscar has now become so specific about his Mermaid Parade costume, he has lego dudes in mind.  "Don't know that I can achieve that squared off look for you sweetie."  He is not discouraged.  "Wait, I know!"  he excitedly exclaims.  He returns to the living room with the Fresh Direct boxes from the weekend (he stowes this stuff away in his room all the time - I live with Sanford & Son).  Um..."I think that will be kind of uncomfortable on the the heat...let's revisit."  Rigid cubey pirate costume seems a bit too challenging this morning.  Oh well, there's still time in design phase to work it out.  Happy Thursday xoxo

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