Friday, February 11, 2011

Ahoy Me Hearties

In other words, good day my friends.  Yep, we're feeling pretty piraty today...and hey, it's Friday.  Swashbuckling fun is totally allowed - I highly recommend it is adopted by all.  Conversation this morning went something like this:  "Can you draw a skull & crossbones?"  Sure, I say.  "But you know Oscar, that means poison if left on its own.  I'm thinking labeling your snack this way is not a great idea."  "Then don't give me blueberry muffins."  What?  (Oscar really doesn't like these, yet I refuse to ignore them in the cabinet...apparently they are poisonous)  "Uh, how about I draw a pirate ship?"  I'm sure you can envision the delighted look on his face.  I mean pirates - who wouldn't be happy with this?  I get busy...and voila.  One pirate ship.  "Is it a ghost pirate ship?  If it is it needs holes in it.  And some ghosts."  I think we need to settle for garden variety pirates today, I tell him.  We're running a bit behind schedule.  He's cool with this, as long as I promise to make good on it another day, and if I speak only in pirate lingo until we get to school.  Blimey, I say.  Happy weekend xoxo

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