Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bill Murray & The Promise of Spring

This morning's ask was as to be expected..."it's groundhog day!" was all I got as a response.  Fair enough - I shall draw a groundhog.  Oscar spent a lot of time yesterday making groundhog puppets popping out of burrows, and is extremely interested in the idea of psychic animals predicting weather patterns.  No kidding - me too.  Especially if it means that spring is coming early.  Let's face it, the novelty of snow wears off by February, even for die-hards, and this cold dry weather is really bad for the skin.  Naturally Oscar engaged me in my thoughts on the shadow appearing - notice the clouds on the bag.  "I hope he doesn't Oscar; I want spring to come as soon as possible."  "But what if he does?  Will it be winter forever?"  Gasp, that is an evil thought on this icy morning.  "No, that won't happen," although I am thinking of winters that have expanded into May and cursed that furry Phil for letting me down.  Oh magic groundhog, use your powers for good!   And then we can celebrate by popping on some polka music, catching an airing of an awesome comedy starring a cinematic genius and dreaming of Punxsutawney.  Happy Groundhog Day xoxo

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