Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am the...Batman

February is chock full of events and holidays.  This week alone entails two holidays and a birthday (Oscar's), so there has been plenty of fun filled activity.  Yet...Oscar wakes this morning with his all time favorite day on his mind - Halloween.  "How long until Halloween?"  "About 8 months pumpkin."  "How many days?"  "256."  (do not be impressed - I had to look this up)  "Can you draw something for Halloween on my snack bag?"  Hmmm...I have spring on my mind and was thinking I would go with something a little lighter, but hey.  "How about I draw Batman since that's who you are going to be?"  "YEEEESSSSS!"  Super.  And yep, we have this already decided for next year.  Oscar is Batman, I am Catwoman, there are friends involved that will fill in the landscape with colorful villains, perhaps an ally or two.  This was decided upon on November 1st - we don't waste time in planning around here.  No blooming trees, but today is starting out ok. This will sustain my ongoing quest-for-Bruce-Wayne fantasy all day, and Oscar will chat up his classmates about the next great holiday - only 256 days to go!  Happy Wednesday!  xoxo

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