Monday, February 28, 2011

The Neither Itsy Nor Bitsy Spider

Well, winter break is over...back to the grind.  This also means Oscar's extensive birthday celebration has come to a close, sigh.  We had some laughs for tarantula racing.  Yep, Oscar has a new obsession with eight legs.  It's a supremely cool animal, no doubt.  What began as an awesome birthday gift from his friend spun into several more arachnid-focused items including books and accessories for aforementioned toy.  I regaled Oscar with stories of a former boyfriend's pet named Bella and we watched a documentary on the giants of Mexico.  So this morning an homage to our hairy friend by request of course, followed by four and a half minutes of begging for a tarantula pet of his own.  "Um, Oscar...I don't think the guinea pig is down."  Oscar is puzzled.  "I'm sure Saturday would love to have a friend."  So I guess he didn't absorb the feeding bits we watched in the documentary on Netflix?  Thank goodness for youtube...I can nip this right quick before school.  Happy Monday ;)  xoxo

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