Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ghoulish Fun, Brought to You by the Letter "H"

For those who know, Halloween is pretty much a year round past time here.  We never tire of bats & spiders, mummies & zombies...lots of weekend playtime is spent landscaping the cemetery that sits alongside Oscar's haunted house.  Not surprising that he has asked for yet another variation of this for the a.m. doodle.  Ah, but this is not just more good times a la the macabre.  Nope, we have an agenda today - a spelling agenda.  You see, show & tell this week is about the letter "H".  Oscar is taking his skeleton model of a hand in for the class to see - he can talk about all of the 27 bones within one of our most valuable body parts.  But for the drawing, a simple hand drawing wouldn't do.  I'm kind of relieved.  He would have required a realistic skeleton...tiny wrist and finger bones.  My sharpie's point is not fine enough.  Instead he opted for double trouble - he sounds it out with extra-phonetic emphasis to ensure I am clear there are not 1, but 2 H's involved here.  "A Haunted House mama - 2 H's!"  Yes, I understand.  And I am proud.  School is awesome, especially when you've got some sweet ghouls to assist in the learning process.  Have a super Tuesday :)  xoxo

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