Friday, February 18, 2011

Muskrat Lovin' Taxidermy

Oscar is fascinated with the natural world...the apple doesn't fall far.  One thing he really digs is bones (ha!  no pun intended for real).  Anyway, we have several specimens either found on our own - unidentified treasures from the deep we've collected on beaches - or the kind we purchase at our favorite shop in Soho, Evolution.  Last visit a couple of weeks ago Oscar wanted a muskrat skull, pictured here to the best of my humble abilities.  I decided to "jazz it up" by adding some desert-y stuff (see cactus) and making that whistling sound that accompanies tumbleweeds in these depictions.  Oscar was mildly amused.  Then he took my model - he just refers to him as "the head" - and proceeds to parade it around the house perched on his index finger.  Aw, taxidermy finger puppets!  Maybe there is a market for this, eh?  Happy Friday - have a super weekend!  xoxo

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