Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lucky Duckbill

I can always count on show & tell to influence the morning musing.  The letter 'D'...give you one guess what an (almost) 6 year old boy would want.  If you said dinosaur, you are spot on.  Seriously, I get asked to draw dinosaurs on a regular basis, so this is not a surprise.  What impresses me is the extent of species awareness Oscar has, coupled with his knack for nailing one with the appropriate letter.  He asked for a duckbill this morning.  Another 'D' alright...logical enough.  The only trick is, this particular dinosaur has many iterations.  I have no idea which one Oscar has in mind.  "How's this?"  I ask Oscar.  "I like it mama, but he looks too happy!"  I look at the doodle - he does have a goofy smile I guess.  "He's in a super moodIs there anything wrong with that?"  And there it is...Oscar has no response and we will not be late for the B70.  Happy Tuesday xoxo

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