Thursday, February 10, 2011

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Let's call it early - cosmic day - and rejoice! Seems the work we did over a week ago building the solar system mobile has finally inspired the request, and really, feels right.  Oscar & I both like to operate with our heads pointing upward, and since he has recently discovered animals (not just the human variety) have traveled in space, he is all over it.  "Chimps in space?  And dogs?"  Ok, I get why this is interesting - suddenly this seems more like lifestyle than a grown up career choice.  More amusing is watching Oscar wrap his mind around what he knows about the outer limits & connecting it with a veritable zoo zipping around in a rocket ship.  Zero gravity + dogs = hilarious.  Naturally, he is anxious to know when we can embark on such a journey.  "Just may be something we can do someday" I respond.  "How about for summer vacation?"  "I really just had some beach weeks planned for us this year...maybe next summer."  Keeping this dream alive today & for as long as he wants it.  Happy Thursday :)  xoxo

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