Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love is in the air...

While not a fan of Valentine's Day personally, the kids seem to like it, including mine.  Oscar has been lavishing me with pink & red heart-shaped cards all week long in preparation for the holiday.  This morning as he enters consciousness via gulping down the requisite chocolate milk, I ask what he'd like on the bag.  "Draw love."  Love, eh? "Oscar, a little heavy for a chilly Wednesday morning don't you think?  How about I draw a spider?"  He looks puzzled.  "Draw something with love mama.  You know, those cupids or something."  So many things are going through my mind at the moment...truthfully I would love to go full blown expression on this very topic.  But then there are the considerations:  1.  limited time  2. limited skill  3. multiple concepts  4. G-rated audience.  Yeah, better keep it simple.  Couple of doves & a big 'ole heart should do it.  Have a tender & affectionate day  ;) xoxo

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