Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Holiday mornings make things easy.  I already know the theme; Oscar needs only to narrow down the content to fit onto one small brown paper bag.  So this morning is Chinese Lunar New Year...I know I'm excited.  This is my second chance at celebrating a new year, since Jan 1st bit it for me.  The conversation this morning went something like this:  "Draw the dragon parade please.  Are we going today?"  "The parade is are going to school today."  Insert some whining here, then a recovery as I am drawing and Oscar seems pleased with my add of a bunny.  "It's year of the rabbit!" he proudly exclaims.  Indeed.  "Am I rabbit?"  "No Oscar, you are a rooster."  "Are you a rabbit?"  "No Oscar, I am a rat."  He looks perplexed, and is searching in his mind for the next name.  This can go on all morning, so I interject "I don't actually know of any rabbits.  No one comes to mind."  His response:  "Can we get one?"  Now I'm perplexed.  I'm not sure if Oscar is asking me to fetch him a human friend born in the zodiac or a companion for the guinea pigEither task seems daunting - best not to commit.  "I'm giving you chocolate pudding today."  Happy New Year xoxo

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  1. Kris- your drawings are great- very descriptive blog! I'm enjoying reading this! Keep the drawings up for however long he'll want them- babies grow up too quickly... John just got his first acceptance letter for college! Amy is a freshman in high School! I'm 45! Yikes!!! Love you! Andrea