Friday, February 4, 2011

Robot Hall of Fame? Joining the ranks of Hal, C3PO, Astro Boy - those are pipe dreams my friends.  The best I can hope for is some old skool props with the request today.  However, it was pretty awesome that Oscar was inspired by his bed sheets this morning.  So much so that it took little debate in that adorable little head for him to come to a decision.  As mentioned in previous musings, this is often the morning time eater...the doodle commitment can be an extensive process.  Considering the 47 other things going on before 7:15 am, I will take whatever spare seconds I can get.  Alas, our throwback bot.  Oscar likes him, and I even have time to do the robot (yep, dancing) for a finish.  Happy Friday - enjoy the weekend!  xoxo

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