Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dungeons, Dragons, The Cable Guy

Oscar's mission this week, I'm convinced, is to have me draw every one of his birthday presents.  Luckily all gift certificates have been "cashed in" for tangible items or some of these bags would be incredibly lame Franklin Mint concepts.  "So Oscar, what are we drawing today?"  I can already guess, because he has had his Schleich dragon out terrorizing the guinea pig for a solid 15 now"Draw my dragon!"  Ok...I kind of want to include a pooping guinea pig in the foreground since this is what I am seeing, but I stick with a tighter depiction keeping to the theme.  As I am drawing all that's coming to me is the scene from The Cable Guy- easily the most hilarious part of the movie with the joust at Medieval Times - and I laugh & laugh.   Oscar is looking at me like I've lost my nut - "Why are you laughing?   I think it looks really good mama."  Ah, unconditional support...you can't beat it.  "I just think dragons are funny.  Thanks for liking it."  Happy Tuesday xoxo 

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