Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Iguana...that's all I've got

Yep, I am completely lacking in a clever title today.  Hope this isn't too disappointing, but truthfully, I've got nothing here.  Not that this is in any way a reflection on the subject...iguanas are perfectly awesome lizards.  I am happy Oscar asked me to draw one this morning to accompany his homework lesson all about lower case "i."  He's a punchy little guy - scaly & dragon-y.  We admire his slow & thoughtful gait through the desert warming himself with the brilliant sun.  But...when is the last time you saw an iguana featured in, well, anything?  I welcome any comments to the contrary, but Iguana, you have been neglected by pop culture.  My apologies.  Maybe we should start a fan page on Facebook & get some traction?  Meh, let's just leave him to his blissful state of anonymity.  He totally seems like the kind of reptile that prefers to live off the grid & under the radar.  Carry on Iguana.  Happy Wednesday xoxo


  1. Richard Burton/Elizabeth Taylor: The Night of the Iguana(somewhere back in the 60s I think....)

  2. Thanks anonymous! Adding to my Netflix queue immediately ;)