Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bat Flower!

It's spring (although temperature-wise here in Brooklyn it's kind of evil at the moment) and we LOVE plants.  We get pretty excited by them, especially beautiful flowering ones.  Oscar & I spend quite a bit of time in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden when weather kindly permits. I came across this awesome specimen last night, combining two of my favorite things (bat + flower = amazing!) & I couldn't wait to show Oscar.  His immediate response this morning - draw that.  Ok!  Clearly Georgia O'Keefe I am not, but we were both pleased enough with the rendering.  Oscar is looking forward to telling his classmates about a cool new flower - he wishes they hadn't started their science fair seeding because "this is the plant he'd like to grow" he exclaims.  And me?   I have plenty of ideas about this gorgeous thing too...stay tuned :)  Happy Tuesday!  xoxo

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