Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who needs appendages?

We traded one phobia for another to feature on the snack bag today.  Interesting how most grown-ups have fears of the very same creatures little kids totally dig, eh?  I won't burden you with my psycho-analysis on this's before 7am after all and we like to keep it light in this blog as a rule.  So, here we go with a cobra.  Snakes are rad, but cobras are super rad.  The hood is an easy sell - it's gorgeous & fearsome to all furry little things, cute feathery things and just about anything else that can be eaten or suffocated by one of these magnificent reptiles.  My favorite characteristic, however, is the venom spitting trait most of these guys have.  Oscar & I discuss the benefits when his eyes go wide.  "Hey, you hate spitting mama." Hmmm, yes, this is very true (cut to scene on 59th St platform where dude waiting for the N train is launching luggies into the tracks - so not good)"But this is different.  Cobras are protecting themselves - they're spitting poison."  Double standard?  Maybe.  When New Yorkers require spitting for self defense we can revisit.  Happy Wednesday ;)  xoxo

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