Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For Chris, By Request

While we are on the subject of fossils...I asked Oscar how he would feel about a punchy little trilobite this morning for the doodle.  "Yeah!  I love those guys."  Great.  Then, he gently reminds me of our purchase a few months back at the AMNH - the kit to grow trilobites.  The conversation is a few phrases, peppered with how we FAILED to grow the trilobites.  Essentially you can attempt to propogate what are bascially prehistoric sea monkeys.  And guess what?  They have an even slimmer success rate because, you know, they are ancient creatures that went extinct 250 million years ago.  Just trying to catch a break here with my kid, who as I draw recounts the days of anticipation - waiting for his precious arthropods to come to life, & all we ended up with was stinky water in a jar that he refused to let me flush down the toilet.  Sigh...I point out the flourishing signs of life all around - lots of plants, guinea pig, small boy.  Hey, nobody's perfect, I tell him.  "But I really like the drawing mama."  Way to focus on the pluses - that's my boy.  Happy Tuesday xoxo

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