Monday, March 14, 2011

Is this your handiwork Dr. Moreau?

Ok, this one requires a lot of labeling.  Oscar is enamored by the platypus thanks to a certain animated series he is currently into.  Hey, Australia likes them too...and I think we are all aware of the only-mammal-that-lays-eggs fact.  But, did you know the male platypus has a lethal cocktail of venom that can kill a dog?  Yep, thanks Wikipedia, because I had no freaking idea either.  So, if you were to make yourself a platypus in your mad scientist lab, here's what you would need:  one duckbill, four otter feet, one beaver tail, some poisonous venom placed at the hind legs (for dude platypuses) and two ovaries - only the left functional to produce leathery reptilian eggs - plus mammary glands that secrete through the skin of the abdomen, not through teats (for the lady platypuses).  Yeah, it's a mess, but they sure are unique.  Oscar is so damn confused right now, and boy that was hard to draw.  Guess getting all the tough concepts out of the way at the start is a good approach to the week.  Happy Monday!  xoxo ;)

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