Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shark Week!

Or day.  Shark Day it is I guess.  Although who knows?  Maybe there will be a bevy of requests this week involving shark varieties.  Whatever - we are having fun with a generic great white this morning, cruising the sea floor in his search for...I don't know.  License plates?  Tires?  I always revert to the Jaws game I had as a little kid based on the classic Spielberg film - you may remember the one where you fish the debris out of the shark's mouth before it closes.  It begs the question: why were there so many car parts in the ocean in the 70's?  Oscar digs the drawing, but has retrieved his anatomical shark model from his room as a reference.  Yeah, I don't have time to draw a spleen, I tell him - this may have to wait until tomorrow.  "Can you make it a hammerhead?" he asks.  Perhaps.  To be continued...Happy Tuesday xoxo

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