Friday, March 4, 2011

Blame Canda

As I finished packing for my weekend trip to Toronto this morning, Oscar watched on as I exhibited OCD mixed with my usual hyper-kinetic state.  "What do you want me to draw today sweetie, and make that request snappy"  I uttered while checking my passport location for the eighteenth time.  "Draw something about your trip."  Oh...a Canadian doodle, ay?  (yes, that was intentional)  Sadly, only a few images come to mind - maple syrup, hockey, and South Park (T&P fart doodle...negative).  Well, it is a  lot of country - surely there is something translatable here.  And then I think, MOOSE.  A really big animal for a really big wilderness-y place.  "Are you going to see a moose when you are away?"  "Hmmm, don't think so.  Toronto is like, well, here."  He's pleased with the drawing, but is now critical of the context.  "Maybe you should draw something you are going to see."  Maple syrup it is!  Or a bag of Heinz ketchup chips.  Meh, we'll stick with this or I will be late to the airport.  Happy Friday, happy weekend.  xoxo

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