Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Gator Mater

We've already established our fondness for natural world in this shouldn't be surprising that on our break last week we ventured into Evolution with a birthday shopping agendaAnother friend had given Oscar a gift certificate to choose his own treasures, and he wasted no time in spending it.  Alas, the impressive alligator head.  Oscar has taken him out around the hood a couple of times, eliciting random & insane comments like was he in your toilet? from our friendly neighbors.  "Can I take it to school today?" - the ever popular morning question following the doodle request.  As always, the answer is no unless we have a show & tell situation, so Oscar takes his reptilian head and walks away.  When I check in on him later I notice the alligator is now in the guinea pig cage on top of the food effective starvation tactic.  "Hey, Oscar?  Do you think Saturday is going to eat with the gator in here?"  His response, "I want to see Saturday get stuck in his jaws."  Ah yes, that makes sense...I relieve Saturday of the circus performance,  put the head away on the shelf, and explain to Oscar that reptiles & rodents don't make a good pairingYep, it's Wednesday...enjoy!  xoxo

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