Thursday, March 10, 2011

Houdini 101

Last night as I prepared dinner, Oscar set up the living room for his performanceYep, I run a supper club in Brooklyn for the kindergarten set.  All were in attendance, and in some cases, a part of the actual show (poor Saturday).  I sat between the muskrat skull and the dragon sipping my beverage - Oscar launched into his "act" which comprised of the guinea pig being drawn out of Oscar's knit cap and some guess-which-hand coin tricks.  Good times.  This morning Oscar asked that I immortalize it by way of the doodle, but with a real magician.  I've got to be honest...there's no way I want to draw David Blaine or David Copperfield or any David really.  Oscar has no idea who any of those dudes are, and if I expose him to G.O.B. (my personal fave) his dream of being an illusionist - short lived as it may be - will be lost.  Nope, sticking to jokey cartoon-like guy with requisite good-natured rabbit sidekick.  Happy Magical Thursday :)  xoxo

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