Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Madness

Hopefully you weren't expecting a doodle of BYU's point guard.  We are dealing with a different kind of madness this madness to be exact.  Oscar asked me why it's snowing again.  Great question!  "Well sweet, remember the saying about March?  In like a lion & out like a lamb?"  He nods - he recalls.  "But the flowers were starting to bloom."  Sigh...this saddens me too.  He requested I draw the lion, a.k.a. winter's evil grip, on his bag.  I was tempted to draw the majestic beast eating a lamb, but reconsidered when I thought of the audience.  I'll wait until he's in the second grade for that rendition I guess.  And voila - one king of the jungle.  "I love it."  Oscar replies.  "Tomorrow can you draw a lamb?"  Hmmm...let's check on that forecast before making a decision.  We may not see a cuddly lamb until April.  Happy Thursday xoxo

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