Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oscar Versus the Volcano

Oscar can be very ambitious...and unrealistic (he's 6 - I get it).  In addition to the 847 other things we have going on, he thinks it would be a good idea to build his volcano kit this morning.  That's a negative I tell him.  He can barely get his uniform on at 6:30am, and I definitely am not signing up for a science project before heading out.  "How about I draw that today?"  Yes, this works for him but we have to work on it tonight after dinner.  Sounds like a solid plan.  One thing I didn't count on...this is not an easy brown bag/black sharpie translation for me.  As I try to capture the billowing smoke, Oscar tells me the drawing "looks angry."  "Angry?"  I say.  "This volcano is FURIOUS."  Hehe. "It's a supervolcano, which means it can cause serious damage.  Magma, sulfur, ash...all hot & dangerous stuff.  You know, there are even volcanoes in space."  He is riveted.  He needs more information about this, and I have officially booked my night with very specific geographic research & discovery.  Sigh...as long as the baking soda eruption doesn't mess with the rug it's cool.  Happy Tuesday :) xoxo

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