Friday, March 18, 2011

Wannabe Dentist or Fetish Queen?

Oscar is officially a jack-o-lantern.  He is currently missing both front teeth, making 4 losses of babies in total.  Show of hands if you knew they were also called milk teeth, cause I sure didn't & have yet to find out why.  Of course, Oscar awoke this morning to cold hard cash - the 4th transaction he's had with the tooth fairy to date.  I did a little digging into the origins of the tooth fairy and her popularity - seems this business is dominated by either her or variations of mice throughout Europe.  I think given the choice Oscar would choose the babe, because he is a total sucker for a cute girl.  I can't answer his continuous questions about "why" she wants the teeth without making up outlandish stories (this by the way is one of the best parenting perks imaginable).  Each time I change it up a bit, and never commit fully but hypothesize this is the way it is.  This morning I told him she makes jewelry out of it and sells her wares at the Brooklyn Flea.  I promised we would check out her stall next week.  Happy Friday & have an awesome weekend ;)  xoxo

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