Thursday, March 3, 2011

Take me to your leader...

Oscar told me a story this morning - a short one - he was told by his friend the day before.  It goes like this:  An alien was visiting earth, and a bird landed on his hand.  Then the alien ate the bird.  That's it - that is the whole story as it was passed on in the great elementary school oral tradition.  Sigh...I really want to know so much more but that's all he's got on this particular allegory.  "So Oscar, want me to draw the alien on your bag?"  "YES!  Make him a martian."  Sweet...classic martian it is.  Of course, Oscar is very interested in the possibilities of extraterrestrials.  We chat it up about space exploration...rovers & satellites, galaxies near & far.  The imagination wheels are spinning fast the more Oscar hears - I can see the illustrations forming in his head - and I am thinking this is one of the greatest aspects of being a parent.  Sky's the limit pumpkin - dream big today & everyday...maybe a trip to Area 51 is in order.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo  

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